Once the plastic tiles are in place, fill with gravel before installing the hot tub. Using wood as the base of your hot tub is a good way since you can also create the deck at once just like this idea shows. A hot tub must rest completely flush with its foundation. You can contact us for more details or you can discuss this with your electrician. Having a clean area around the hot tub will reduce the amount of debris taken into the hot tub … This light grey pad requires no maintenance. You have access for your delivery, your electrical is in, now its time to prepare the foundation for your hot tub. Installations indoors nearly always use a cement pad on which to base the hot tub. Same thing goes if you are putting your hot tub onto an existing deck. Carlsbad: (760) 431-7727 | San Diego (858) 675-7727. This is something that we currently have in stock so if you need one please contact us. You are now … Hot tubs do not need to be plumbed into to any water supply. Installing a Hot Tub or Spa . The pictures pretty much show how fast and easy it is to install an above-ground, outdoor (exterior) hot tub. Making a surface larger than your hot tub can be a good idea. If you already have a surface in place, most surfaces will have a slight pitch to them to allow for water runoff. How to prepare for a hot tub installation, The Showroom, Addison Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2YW. While you have the tools out you should consider building any area you might need to access the hot tub or spa and the pathway to get to it. Apart from thinking about the hot tub base there are a few other things to take into consideration as well. Next, dig a six-inch-deep pit in the area you’ve marked, ensuring that the bottom is as level and smooth as possible. Another great feature is that if you ever want to extend your base to cater for a tub side seating area or simply to create more room around your hot tub, then you can easily add on additional Smart Deck as and when required. The times that a hot tub is most appealing tends to be when the weather is rotten – cold and rainy or below freezing – and you are least likely to want to make a long trek to the tub. hot tub placed on strong concrete base 10 to 15cm deep with decking raised & surrounding the hot tub. Think about the size of the pad also. An EZ-Pad consists four 4’ x 4’ sections that lock together. When you choose the place, you must dig up the grass and the soil about 3-4″.Then, make a frame using the board about 118″ L x 78″ W. Now, you just fill the frame with an amount of crushed … Youre making progress! It may seem obvious, but is worth stating anyhow that, generally, the closer the hot tub is to the house, the more likely it is to be used. Hot tubs and swim spas need a solid, level and flat base to allow even distribution of the weight. Building regulations apply to this type of electrical work and this work should only be carried out by a suitably qualified and certified person. Concrete - Reinforced concrete slabs provide a good base for hot tubs, but here are a few other cost saving ideas: Gravel Base - This is the least expensive option for a foundation. This isn’t for everyone so make sure you know what you are doing. Having a clean area around the hot tub will reduce the amount of debris taken into the hot tub from bathers feet. Your base should have at least 125 lbs. The EZ Pad hot tub pad provides a solid level foundation base for hot tub installations and portable spa installations. A hot tub must be placed on a solid level surface, which is capable to support the weight of the hot tub, the water in it and those who use it. Measure the diameter of the hot tub and add several feet around it. hot tub base preparation. A delivery crew will bring the hot tub to your home and then place the hot tub on its side on a hot tub cart. Prepare Your Surface. This way, instead of standing in your grass, dirt, shrubs, etc before climbing into your hot tub, you can be standing on a cleaner surface. The area where it will be placed should be leveled and a foundation prepared. For ‘full power’ hot tubs 20 amps or above, a cable from your electrical fuse box needs to run directly to the hot tub. per square foot load capacity. But what things do you need to keep in mind when installing a swim spa? Creating the perfect foundation for your hot tub. Cement Pad. Call us to learn about our current specials! You need to make sure the surface is prepped like you were going to put down pave stones, but this is much easier to install. Hot Tub Foundation. Then they roll the cart into your backyard and to the spot you would like the hot tub placed.. Here are four hot tub foundation ideas that will ensure your hot tub is positioned correctly and looks great. This is a given though, you want to make sure that thing is built to withstand up to 8000+ lbs depending on the model of hot tub. These adequate foundations are things like concrete floors, compacted crushed stone base, and decks/patios (if they are structurally sound to hold it). All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. The thickness of the layer will depend on the size and weight of your hot tub, but a layer four to six inches thick should be adequate for most hot tubs. The most common base is a concrete foundation. When neither an existing deck or patio are useable for your new hot tub a lot of times the best option is a poured concrete pad. Step 2 Once the hot tub is in position, it is not possible to self-level. A hot tub can weigh from 2,000 to 8,000 pounds when filled (and even more when you add people), so it needs a suitable base. A large hot tub full of water can weigh upwards of 2 tonnes, so a suitable level base is vital. Compact the gravel by packing it down tightly. Designed especially for hot tubs it is practical and durable but unlike other bases, it is totally portable. thespashoppe.ca. The hot tub base is one of the less glamorous yet very important considerations when buying a new hot tub. Generally this patio is much larger than just the hot tub base and we make sure the area where the spa is placed is perfectly level and then pitch the patio of rain run off after the spa area. It can be made to the size of the hot tub, but it may be you want a larger area to walk around the hot tub or to position the steps or other furniture. Place a layer of gravel on the leveled spot. Langley Hot Tub Tips: Sealed Base Options. The most obvious foundation people use is concrete. A modern alternative is the Smart Deck from Leisure Concepts. A hot tub on a gravel base – Image courtesy of Purus North America. While this is perfectly acceptable, you want to make sure it within reason. If you have an existing patio made of concrete bricks, make sure it’s in good condition and is level (not angled for drainage). CONCRETE A concrete surface is an excellent base for your hot tub as this material is extremely sturdy and long-lasting. The base for your hot tub doesn’t just have to be strong, it must be capable of accommodating all the necessary plumbing and electrical installations as well. Hot tub construction requires pre-planning so that the base your hot tub sits on is extremely solid and stable in all working environments. So if you ever decide on a better location for your hot tub or if you move home and intend on taking your hot tub with you, you can move your base with ease. Hot tub Footprint (square footage) = take the length and width measurements and multiply them to get the overall square footage of the base Calculation: (8.36 x Number of Gallons) + Dry Weight = “Answer” / Surface Area = Pounds Per Square Foot Example: Let’s take a 7’ x 7’ hot tub that is 325 gallons and weighs 750 lbs dry. A large hot tub full of water can weigh upwards of 2 tonnes, so a suitable level base is vital. If you aren’t familiar with this then it is a good idea to consult with a structural engineer. This isn't a hard and fast rule--you can go larger if you wish. The cement has to be poured into an area that will be dictated by the plumbing installation. You certainly don’t want your water level to be 4” difference on each of your spa. Other than that requirement, it should be located where it pleases you. Hot tubs must be placed on a solid, uniform, level surface. Acceptable Use | Terms of Supply | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy. The deck comes with some benches and a hot tub as the main focal point. That said, your cement contractor will be able to best determine the specs for your concrete pad. Whatever you choose make sure whoever installs it for you ensures the base is level and large enough for your Hot Tub and steps. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be rebarb reinforced, its is definitely recommended. You have access for your delivery, your electrical is in, now its time to prepare the foundation for your hot tub. Extend the gravel out around the tub in all directions, to avoid having a muddy area around your hot tub. Keep up to date with all our products and news. The last way you can go is a product such as EZ-Pad. per square foot. 1. Firstly, you prepare the space that you will build to be hot tub base pad. If not properly prepped the ground can settle and cause your hot tub to become un-level or sink. If the hot tub is to be located away from the house, make sure there is a nic… Of course, preparing the ground and pouring a concrete pad for the hot tub is the hardest part of the entire installation. Above Ground – New Base If you’re having a base installed especially for your Hot Tub we would recommend a patio, decking area or poured concrete base. Preparing For Your New Hot Tub – Preparing Your Foundation. Youre making progress! As with the gravel base, I would lay the water permeable landscaping cloth to stop weeds growing. The benefit here is if you move, not only can you take your hot tub, but you can take the surface underneath. If you already have a surface in place, most surfaces will have a slight pitch to them to allow for water runoff. One of the more popular hot tub bases is of course a concrete base. A normal, code-compliant (2" x 10" joist) at 16" on center deck is adequate. This is also something some people can do on their own. It will need either a concrete base, a crushed stone or pea gravel base, pavers or a deck with adequate structural support. All that said, one small thing to keep in mind. Wood takes over this backyard which turns it into an entertaining outdoor living space. This goes straight down onto your prepared surface and the hot tub goes on top. Poured Concrete Spa Pad. Your next option would be pave stones, brick, etc. If you purchase your Smart Deck with us when your purchase your hot tub, we will lay the Smart Deck for you on the day of delivery. Best Selling Hot Tub Installation Pad and Spa Foundation. No concrete, installs in any weather with no permits. The most common base is a concrete foundation. Ensure that the ground is compacted and that rainwater and splashed/drained water will flow away from the tub. They can be filled from an ordinary garden hose. All our hot tubs are fitted with a drain attachment when a hose can be attached and run to a nearby drain for easy draining. Concrete Pad (4" or thicker) Wood Decking (with concrete foundation for hot tub) Hot Tub Foundations: You need a good, solid hot tub foundation. This will be much easier to do now rather than later when the tub is in place. Enter your e-mail and subscribe to our newsletter. This reduces the amount of debris that finds its way into your hot tub. Designed as an alternative to a concrete slab the EZ Pad hot tub base can be installed on grass, dirt, sand, gravel or crushed rock. Preparation for your hot tub includes creating a foundation for your hot tub, ensuring the hot tub can be connected to the electrical supply and can be filled with water. We have devised a 10 point plan to make sure you cover all the bases of hot tub preparation & to point towards a clean & stress free project. It’s a prefabricated portable hot tub pad. The EZ Pad is rugged and durable with excellent resistance to impact and abrasion. Most people like their hot tub to be relatively close to their home mainly just for the convenience of getting in and out, getting showered, getting dried etc. Another common surface foundation is a wood or composite deck. An uneven weight distribution may cause shell or structural damage. Placement of the hot tub should be planned well ahead of delivery. For example, if your tub is 5 feet across, you may want to plan on a base that's 7 by 7 feet. Call Today: (860) 571-8440. Question: How easy is this Hot Tub base (pad) preparation and hot tub installation? If it will be located on a patio slab you will not need this article. While this is perfectly acceptable, you want to make sure it within reason. Remove any turf and dig down to the same depth at the plastic lattice – typically only a couple of inches. You certainly don’t want your … Hot Tub Construction . The area that it rests on must be able to support the weight of the hot tub, the water in it, and those who use it. It is very possible for the do-it-yourselfer to do this on his or her own but it is very important to make sure the surface underneath is properly packed and prepared. Then, mark out an area in your yard that’s big enough to accommodate that, plus a few extra inches on the sides for good measure. This pad is made of high density polyethylene plastic, crush tested to over 5000 pounds per square foot. space is give to allow access to all 4 sides of the hot tub for … To create your gravel hot tub base, start by calculating the ground space your hot tub will take up. The best way to form this base is to use a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 wood frame that is about 6″ – 12″ larger than the size of your hot tub. It can be made to the size of the hot tub, but it may be you want a larger area to walk around the hot tub or to position the steps or other furniture. Our plastic hot tub base is manufactured from highly durable recycled plastic and is capable of holding over 420 tonnes per m². Hot Tub Bases: Gorgeous Vintage Design . Generally, there are 2 electrical supply requirements. Video, Pictures, Reviews. For a 13 amp plug and play hot tub a standard 3 pinned plug, just like you have on most home appliances and a suitable outdoor waterproof socket. This means that they need an access point into your backyard that is at least as wide as your hot tub is tall. Actually, you just need a crushed stone that you can buy in lots of store building nearby. September 10, 2019 By Hot Tubs Galore Leave a Comment. We recommend a flat concrete base which is 10-15 cm deep, please remember the dry weight of an average hot tub design is 350 to 500 KG and therefore after water, the weight will be near to 2 tonnes. Hot tubs are heavy even without having water in them. It is also recommended that your cement be at least 4” thick. You can place EZ pad on any level well-drained area, including grass, dirt, sand and gravel. Hot tubs weigh about 700 to 800 pounds dry and about 3700 pounds when filled. This hot tub foundation must easily hold the tub, the water, and bathers. The location should be accessible to the 50 amp service most require. The floor load of a hot tub filled with water is around 115 lbs. Lightweight and easy to install, our hot tub base panels are simple, cost-effective solutions to building a foundation for your hot tub as well as a perfect jacuzzi base However, you may want to consider an even larger pad to accommodate steps or a walkway around your hot tub. Smart Deck is an easy to install base, which just requires the area to be flat and level and no other special preparation is required. This is the case with either wood-fired or gas and electric hot tubs. Your hot tub does need an electric supply and some hot tubs need ‘more electric’ than others. It is a simple one to get the hot tub base pad at your home. Think about the size of the pad also. The most basic consideration is where to put the hot tub. They can also double as a hot tub with many models featuring dual tanks to allow swimming and soaking to occur simultaneously. Make the surface as smooth and even as possible.